Do you worry about your home while you’re away? Do you need someone reliable to check on your place while you’re having a great time? Snowbird Peace of Mind offers a very affordable monitoring service for brief or extended periods that let you enjoy your travel time. Let us design a personalized program for you and your family.

Our Service

Walkthrough and checklist

We do an initial walkthrough.

Once we start we do a thorough walkthrough of your home to make sure everything is in order.


We keep your security in check.

We check that all windows and doors are locked and that your alarm system is intact.


Five Star Review for Snowbird Peace Of Mind

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Snowbird Peace-of-Mind is exactly correct. It’s a service, that when one is away from home, he still has “Peace-of Mind” that things are taken care of by, Jerry Clinnin, home watch person extraordinaire. If there’s a problem, No worry ~ Jerry calls you to advise on how to proceed and will get the job done or use his good judgment to remedy a situation. An excellent service indeed.
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Heating and Cooling

We keep the heat going.

We make sure that the heating, cooling as well as the hot water systems are functioning properly.


Avoid major plumbing issues while you're away.

We make sure that all water is turned off and that there are not leaks.


Keep them alive while you are away.

During our visits we will water and take care of plants as per your instructions


Five Star Review for Snowbird Peace Of Mind

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We have used Jerry Clinnin's 'Snowbird Peace of Mind' for the past 4 winters and have always been comforted in the knowledge that our home was being looked after in our absence. In addition to his regular home-care services, you can also count on 'The Coach' to come through "in the clutch". Last winter, we discovered that we had left an important file folder behind. We called Jerry and told him where the file was located. Lo and behold - two days later - Fed Ex delivered it to us! That is truly 'Snowbird Peace of Mind'!
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Mail Support

Keep the mail going while you are away.

We can pick up your mail and either store it in your home until you return or send it on to your vacation location.

Weekly updates

Peace of mind while you are away.

We email or text you weekly to give update on the status of your home.